Data transfer

Dear Business Partner, 

we kindly request you to prepare your graphic files to be sent to Marzek Kner Packaging Llc. according to the following parameters:

1. On MACINTOSH computers we have the following softwares:

  • ArtPro 16.1
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • QuarkXPress 6.5
  • FreeHand MX
  • CorelDraw 11.0

2. On PC computer we have the following softwares:

  • CorelDraw 12.0

Our e-mail address:

  • prepress(at) (recommended up to a file size of about 5-8 MB, we cannot accept ZIP files in email)

FTP server address: 

Only registered users can access our system. User names and passwords may be requested from our product manager. Please use FTP client software for downloading and uploading, do not connect via web browsers.

  • PC:   FileZilla, CofeeFreeFtp, etc.
  • Mac: Transmit, Fetch, Captain FTP, etc.

Please, set up the following at client software (if possible):

  • ftp passive mode
  • use firewall

Physical media:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • memory sticks
  • USB drives

In order to be able to further process digital files, please, take the points listed in the following enclosure into consideration!

  1. However, we are also able to receive PC-files, please send us digital files made by Macintosh if possible in order to achieve a perfect quality.
  2. Create your graphics in CMYK colour system, not in RGB.
  3. As an attachment to the graphics, please send us the technical drawing of the specific packaging material with exact dimensions and the correct indication of folds (if any).
  4. If you do not wish proofreading in accordance with the spelling rules of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in case of Hungarian texts, please notify us of it in advance.
  5. Manuscripts should be easy to read; texts sent by fax – written in small spacing or small letters – cannot be accepted as manuscripts.
  6. Please do not send the colours separated, but in composition.
  7. If you send us a graphic in PDF format, it has to be a graphical quality PDF suitable for printing purposes and not of “preview” quality because their usability is limited or not even possible. 
  8. Graphic files should include all pictures and graphic elements and images used (please, also send them as individual files).
  9. Please, send us the text of the graphic file in editable format, too (not only in curved form).  Please, also enclose the full font-set, including the PostScript fonts.
  10. In order to achieve a good resolution and later processability, the linear elements of the graphics should be prepared in a vectored graphic program (Illustrator, FreeHand etc.)
  11. In case of Photoshop pictures, the minimum resolution of the halftone printing should be 300 ppi, and the collotype resolution should be 600–800 ppi.
  12. Photoshop EPSs should contain a single file instead of five files.
  13. If you applied special set-ups when preparing (e.g. colour management), saving or upsetting files, or compressing them, please, inform us about it.
  14. If possible, small texts shouldn’t be composed of more than one colour and they should be in lines (not be split in grid) and not in negative form.
  15. The size should assure a plus 2-2 mm overspread beyond the cutting-edge in case of line-cut products, and plus 3-3 mm overspread in case of die-cut products (especially in case of pictures made by Photoshop).
  16. Text fields placed on the graphic surface should always be minimum 1-1.5 mm from the cutline.
  17. If you do not need the Kner logo on your product, please notify us of it in advance.
  18. We suggest you to request PDF-proof in case of approval process carried out via Internet. 
    Adobe Reader software for opening PDF files can be downloaded free of charge from the following address 
  19. Your remarks related to proofs should be sent back to the product manager.
  20. Please indicate what colours are used in the graphics.
  21. In case of printing on metallized surface please specify, which graphic elements of the product require the use of white underprinting.
  22. The colour names of technical elements (emboss, foil, braille, die-cut, varnish, etc.) should reflect the function of the object to be filled with that colour.
    E.g. Braille ≠ P186 -> Braille = Braille
  23. Technical elements (emboss, foil, braille, die-cut, varnish, etc.) should be made independent of any other elements of graphics.  Please make it as a separate layer if possible.