Marzek Etiketten+Packaging - Austria (parent company)

After 1990, Marzek Etiketten moved its manufacturing site from Vienna to Traiskirchen where the parent company of the Marzek Group is located. The new factory is equipped with the latest printing technologies, thus ensuring a steady level of international recognition for itself.

Marzek Kner Packaging (Kner division) - Hungary

The traditional Kner Printing House was founded by Kner Izidor in Gyoma in 1882. In 1903 he and Tevan Andor merged their printing houses and officially took the name Kner. In 2005 Marzek Group became the owner of the factory. As a member of Marzek Group, Kner Printing House strengthened further as a market leader in Hungary producing high quality labels, folding boxes for the medicine-, chemical-, sweet - and food industries equally.

Marzek Kner Packaging (FlexiLog division) - Hungary

In 2017, the new Marzek FlexiLog plant manufacturing flexible packaging materials, sleeves and reel-fed labels opened in Békéscsaba.

It manufactures its products in accordance with the strictest hygiene and safety standards for food and pharmaceuticals on its newly developed plant area of 8,500 m2 and using its state-of-the-art machinery.

In July 2022, in order to simplify the organizational structure of the Marzek Etiketten+Packaging Group and to take advantage of the synergies within the group, Marzek FlexiLog Kft. and Marzek Kner Packaging Kft. merged, as a result of which Marzek Kner Packaging Kft. is the legal successor of all ongoing business relationships and transactions.

Marzek-Pechatny Dvor - Ukraine

The Ukrainian factory was founded in 1999 in Dnipro, then in 2009 it was welcome among the members of Marzek Group. Led by a motivated team skilled in Austria it has grown into the most reliable printing house in Eastern Europe in the field of sheet and reel-fed label making as well as Sleeves and flexible printing.